Nubian Village

On the shore of the immortal Nile River, south of the city of Aswan, lies the Nubia region, or the land of gold, as the ancients called it thousands of years ago, Among the people of Nubia appeared the first Pharaoh, King Mina, who was united by the two countries, who married Queen Nefertari, the beautiful Nubian origin, Nubia is located in southern Egypt and northern Sudan , the modern inhabitants of southern Egypt and Sudan still refer to themselves as Nubians.   They speaks the Nubian language as well as Arabic, Nubia houses have a unique architectural character, so the people of Nubia, who learned how to build their homes from mud and some wicker, became aware of the innate joy, they paint their homes with their bright colors and harmonious forms, seemed to be a unique architectural masterpiece in art and construction.   tribute to nature, a nod to historical motifs and a lot of hospitality also turn the mountains into a welcoming space. Many of the houses are open to visitors, who are welcomed into private homes, offered meals and drinks, and invited to admire the local handicrafts with their distinguishing geometrical designs and bright colors.