Nubian Village

Nubia, the land of gold and mystery that basks in an eternal sun and a history all its own, is beckoning once more. Its treasures are there for all to see, especially inviting in the soft warmth of the winter months. Nubia is located in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. The modern inhabitants of southern Egypt and Sudan still refer to themselves as Nubians.

They speak the Nubian language as well as Arabic. Following age-old traditions, the houses of Nubia are painted red, yellow and blue. Topped with domes and fitted with air shafts, they have been the inspiration of a whole school of revivalist architecture that continues to this day.

A tribute to nature, a nod to historical motifs and a lot of hospitality also turn the mountains into a welcoming space. Many of the houses are open to visitors, who are welcomed into private homes, offered meals and drinks, and invited to admire the local handicrafts with their distinguishing geometrical designs and bright colors.

Those who seek a non-permanent henna tattoo can use the services of local artists. As visitors sip herbal tea, infusions of peppermint, hibiscus and the local plant known as halfa, plates of okra and beans are brought to the table. Plans are made for nights of song and dance.