The colossi of Memnon known as the singing statues otherwise the vocal Memnon are two enormous twin statues (18 meters) symbolizing the Pharaoh Amenhotep III. They are situated on the western side of the Nile in Luxor. You may also find his mother Mutemwiya and his wife Tiy sculptures alongside these huge statues, but they are not as significant as the twin statues. Due to the environment and other natural hazards, the statues are in a very terrible condition and their features are not easily recognizable.

There were numerous trials to renew the two statues during the Roman Empire.

Nevertheless, each statue has a different engraving, but they are considered as twin statues. They were regarded as the guardians of the entrance to the mortuary temple of Amenhotep where he was worshiped as a god before and after his death. During this period, it was Egypt's largest complex.