The Egyptian Museum was built in 1835 by the Egyptian government and considered the oldest and largest museum in the Middle East. It was originally located close to the Ezbekeyah Garden in Cairo, but they changed its location several times and its present location is in Midan al-Tahrir in downtown Cairo. The museum has the largest assortment of Pharaonic pieces and there are more than 120,000 pieces on display.   

It has a first floor and a second floor. On each floor, there is an extraordinary collection of various things used in Ancient Egypt. There are pieces of papyrus and coins and artifacts among the more modest things. You may also find other significant pieces at the museum such as: sarcophagi, statues, and numerous things coming from Pharaohs and their tombs.   

Certain sections of the museum are constantly observed and can be entered through a security point. A visit to the museum is unavoidable while in Cairo.