The Hatshepsut temple is a mortuary temple and considered one of the most impressive sanctuaries of ancient Egypt. Established by Queen Hatshepsut --wife of Thutmose II and mother of ThutmoseIII --, and dedicated to Amon-Ra, the god of the sun.

The temple is located in western Thebes which was the capital of Egypt during the new kingdom. The temple was completely constructed after 15 years. Its Arabic name which is “DEIR AL BAHRI” is derived from the monastery built during the Coptic era. It is also known as Djeser-Djeseru which means holy of holies. The place where the temple is located was not chosen by accident, the valley where it was placed was considered to be sacred for 500 years to the divine feminine beings of the funeral world. And in a straight way, the temple is a couple of meters away from the Queen’s tomb in the valley of the kings, located on the other side of the mountain.