THE Luxor temple

The Luxor temple is situated on the east bank of the river Nile. Many Pharaohs contributed to construct it. It was first established by Amenhotep III in 1400, then finished by Tutankhamun and Horemheb, and was also added to by Ramesses II. The temple was built to glorify the Theban triad-three Egyptian gods, Amun, Mut, and Khonsu.It was considered a place of worship.

The temple’s hypostyle hall was converted into a church during the Christian era. Later on, the temple vanished under the city of Luxor. After a while it was found again and became an essential part of the city.

In 1833, Muhammad Ali Pasha sent one of the two obelisks located at the entrance of the temple to France as a gift. Till this day the obelisk is situated in the place de la Concorde in Paris.