They are located on the Giza plateau, in northern Egypt. The pyramids were established in 2550 BC and were completely constructed in 2490 BC.Each pyramid was dedicated to the Pharaoh who built it : Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.

Since Pharaohs become gods after their death the pyramid was deemed to be a temple for the gods and a royal tomb for the Pharaohs. One of the mysteries about the three pyramids is that they were all precisely aligned with the Constellation of Orion.  

Experts are fascinated with the construction achievement in Ancient Egypt. The Khufu pyramid was built first. It is the last wonder remaining from the ancient world.known as the great pyramid and is considered the largest one among the three pyramids. Due to the process of erosion, the pyramid’s height has worn down from 146 meters to 138 meters. It was constructed with stones that were made of smooth limestone; each block weighed more than 2 tons. They used over 2 million stones to build it.  

The construction of the pyramid is an enigma,and the most common answer is that the stones were moved from a quarry using man’s strength alone. The fact that There were only simple wooden tools, makes it hard to believe that it was only built in 20 years.

Khafre is considered the second-highest and largest pyramid among the three measuring 136.4 meters,which is 7 meters less than Khufu. The stones used at the bottom are very large and were made from pink granite,but the rest were cased in Tura limestone. And as we go higher the stones get much smaller. Khafre appears to be much taller than Khafre because it is placed on the bedrock  

The pyramid has two entrances. During the intermediate period, the pyramid was thieved. After getting into the pyramid all they found was an empty burial chamber with opened sarcophagus.

The third pyramid belongs to Menkaure and is considered the smallest one among the three pyramids measuring 62 meters. Originally, its height was 65 meters, but it was worn down to 62 meters. It was established in the 26th century BC. On its south side, there are three secondary pyramids due to some mysterious reason their development was not completed.