The temple is nearby the edge of Lake Qarun in Fayoum. Qasr Qarun is marked as the original area of the antiquated town of Dionysias.

Despite that, the town is in a terrible condition and generally ruined a couple of houses partially remained, and a few even still have some decorations on the walls.

The temple is deemed to the crocodile god Sobek Re and considered the most fascinating building actually left. It is also called the "temple of Stone" and is situated in the middle of the ancient town.

It is made of blocks of yellow limestone. The outside of the temple has been renewed by the Egyptian Antiquities Service, and the most interesting part of the temple is its rooftop.

On The inside of the temple there is a labyrinth of rooms, stairways, corridors, cellars, tunnels, and upper rooms of all sizes and at different levels. In particular, there are fourteen rooms on each side of the central corridor that leads to three chapels. There is a stairway that drives you to the rooftop overlooking an outstanding view.