The Saladin Citadel, situated on the top of the mokattam hill in Cairo, Egypt was constructed by Saladin Al Ayoub by the end of the 12th century.

The Citadel's significant role was to protect Cairo from any attacks from crusaders during the Saladin’s reign. It was also considered a seat for the king for quite a long time and his government in Egypt. Witnessed numerous historical incidents such as the attack of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Today the Citadel offers guests an amazing view over Cairo. Numerous significant landmarks like the Mosque of Mohamed Ali, the Mamluk Mosque of El Naser Mohamed, and the Mosque of Suleiman Pasha El Kadim were constructed inside the Citadel, demonstrating the architectural wonder of Egyptian history.

The Citadel also has four exhibition halls; the Military Museum, the Police Museum, the Royal Carriages Museum, and the Qaser El Gawhara Museum—each of the four merits visiting.