The temple of ISIS also called the Philae temple was built to glorify the goddess ISIS-mother of Horus and wife of Osiris-. Considered the last temple forged in the classical Egyptian style.

Constructed by Ptolemy II in the midst of the second century B.C and finished by the Roman emperors.

Isis was one of the most relevant and influential divine figures of ancient Egypt: known as “Queen of the gods” related to the protection of kings, life-giving, and healing.

According to the myth of ISIS, after the death of her husband Osiris ,who was killed and cut into fourteen pieces by his brother Seth, she gathered his body and brought him back to life again with her incredible magical power.

The temple was located at Philae but due to the continuous flooding, it was facing a great risk of damage. Thus, a UNESCO project relocated the temple to the Agilkia island away from the river Nile.