Wadi el Rayan waterfalls are Egypt’s largest waterfalls. It is situated on the southwest of Fayoum city. It was assigned as a protected area in 1989 to preserve its biological, geological, and cultural resources.

The nature reserve includes seven parts which are upper lake, lower lake, el Rayan springs, el Rayan falls, el Modawara mountain, el Rayan mountain, and the valley of the whales.

The Rayan falls link between the upper lake and the lower lake. The artificial two lakes are mainly created to draw off the excess water from Fayoum oasis. The Rayan falls are Considered the country’s only waterfalls.

The Rayan springs are located at the south of the lower lake surrounded by the Rayan mountain. Also, the Modawara mountain is placed nearby the lower lake.

They needed to find an alternative to cover the waste and wadi el Rayan was their best choice. In 1974, They carried off a channel and tunnel through the desert from the western side of Fayoum to the large, dry area of Wadi El Rayan.

The wildlife at Wadi el Rayan is what distinguishes the reserve along with the fossils and cultural heritage. About 15 different species of wild animals live in the reserve such as white deer, Egyptian deer, fink fox, sand fox and wolves. As well as several species of hawk.